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Chemical category



Glycerolipids containing a monoacylglycerol, with a cytidine diphosphate attached to the oxygen O1 or O2 of the glycerol part.


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Below are a few examples of cdp-monoacylglycerols found in the ClassyFire database.

Example Entities

ID Structure Formula Mass
23426793 InChIKey=WUTMXFFEYIYMHT-NLMQRWQWSA-N C13H21N3O14P2 505.266 Show
79150878 InChIKey=PAPBBSDUARZKAX-UHFFFAOYSA-N C24H43N3O14P2 659.563 Show
79150877 InChIKey=KGKCRTGQIYZEJW-UHFFFAOYSA-N C24H43N3O14P2 659.563 Show
79168704 InChIKey=WXMXLQBLVUBJBZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N C28H51N3O14P2 715.671 Show
79168703 InChIKey=SDCWDQYBTGCQHB-UHFFFAOYSA-N C28H51N3O14P2 715.671 Show
79179026 InChIKey=AUPXOJPKFKNGKT-UHFFFAOYSA-N C30H53N3O14P2 741.709 Show
79179756 InChIKey=RBTQEMGWBTVYFL-UHFFFAOYSA-N C30H55N3O14P2 743.725 Show
79179755 InChIKey=MXXDZNJWDFTDAM-UHFFFAOYSA-N C30H55N3O14P2 743.725 Show
79378428 InChIKey=NWWOMFDNMUZCKT-HVWPMXDHSA-N C14H23N3O14P2 519.293 Show
81023875 InChIKey=NWWOMFDNMUZCKT-UHFFFAOYSA-N C14H23N3O14P2 519.293 Show