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Peptide analogues in which one or more of the amino residues is replaced by a semicarbazide.


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Below are a few examples of azapeptides found in the ClassyFire database.

Example Entities

ID Structure Formula Mass
23551829 InChIKey=VXPXNPZGHGRGER-GVUQCVNKSA-N C176H251N55O48S16 4418.24 Show
46998288 InChIKey=LLJAASOTTFNJHX-JPLJXNOCSA-N C26H39N9O7 589.654 Show
11280295 InChIKey=DPVUQQDISRAKFA-LSTDLKDCSA-N C25H37N9O7 575.627 Show
11280459 InChIKey=UYLKMCAJPYTSGJ-GNBUJSLZSA-N C26H39N9O7 589.654 Show
8405299 InChIKey=DPVUQQDISRAKFA-ZMMAXQRCSA-N C25H37N9O7 575.627 Show