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Benzo-1,3-dioxanes having a phenyl group attached to the 2,3-dioxane moiety.


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Below are a few examples of phenylbenzo-2,3-dioxanes found in the ClassyFire database.

Example Entities

ID Structure Formula Mass
9078754 InChIKey=RVWYRBVFDNBWBZ-SZPZYZBQSA-N C22H20O4 348.398 Show
9150637 InChIKey=RVWYRBVFDNBWBZ-VXKWHMMOSA-N C22H20O4 348.398 Show
42690208 InChIKey=GLKHEAHHCYJKCO-SFHVURJKSA-N C18H18O3 282.339 Show
45852008 InChIKey=LNWJGQBQFXKKEV-UHFFFAOYSA-N C20H16O2 288.346 Show
46945390 InChIKey=GAYZDPFZZMUCCF-UHFFFAOYSA-N C17H19NO2 269.344 Show
53871435 InChIKey=GLKHEAHHCYJKCO-UHFFFAOYSA-N C18H18O3 282.339 Show
55425857 InChIKey=ZASDKBYQZSCYFV-BVAGGSTKSA-N C26H26O4 402.49 Show