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Chemical category

Akuammilan and related alkaloids


Alkaloids with a structure based on either the akuammilan skeleton. The ring system in this group is formed from a precursor of the corynantheine type by bond formation between C-16 and C-7. Variations in this subgroup include, among others, alkaloids derived by C-3 to N-4 bond fission, as well as alkaloids in which the N-4 to C-5 bond in the Akuammiline skeleton has been severed.


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Below are a few examples of akuammilan and related alkaloids found in the ClassyFire database. You may browse the list of known akuammilan and related alkaloids by searching the collection using the text search box above.

Example Entities

ID Structure Formula Mass
4679122 InChIKey=HRARARDBRKOTJJ-NXXBCPHTSA-N C21H24N2O4 368.433 Show
9056092 InChIKey=HRARARDBRKOTJJ-PECVANFNSA-N C21H24N2O4 368.433 Show
11314378 InChIKey=HRARARDBRKOTJJ-OBKPBRGMSA-N C21H24N2O4 368.433 Show
33806932 InChIKey=PYMHIOSGBXFQPS-HXRBAIRESA-N C19H24N2O 296.414 Show
31609533 InChIKey=XLHUHYFKFFGUFE-AMDCCRFKSA-N C21H24N2O3 352.434 Show
56448664 InChIKey=JZABCIAWYXMPOG-WZQQGIMRSA-N C21H24N2O4 368.433 Show
59693533 InChIKey=LITYYRLWHAQJQS-VNTJODHBSA-N C20H22N2O2 322.408 Show
59695810 InChIKey=JBFBTBFJYNNYPW-DIWQGLKOSA-N C22H26N2O4 382.46 Show
61808997 InChIKey=JZABCIAWYXMPOG-YQBXIKPCSA-N C21H24N2O4 368.433 Show
61809017 InChIKey=JZABCIAWYXMPOG-FRKYSQNSSA-N C21H24N2O4 368.433 Show
61815819 InChIKey=JBFBTBFJYNNYPW-JMXPSJGCSA-N C22H26N2O4 382.46 Show
64200368 InChIKey=JBFBTBFJYNNYPW-CXLJOADUSA-N C22H26N2O4 382.46 Show
64200375 InChIKey=JBFBTBFJYNNYPW-ALRHJGPQSA-N C22H26N2O4 382.46 Show
64496959 InChIKey=RCXDBMKZWNLAJU-NYFXXXPFSA-N C20H24N2O2 324.424 Show
64498919 InChIKey=LTNNNYUUNHCVGG-ILKPCMAISA-N C21H24N2O3 352.434 Show
64617550 InChIKey=QEUORUMWWMJRLO-PQYVPNTFSA-N C23H28N2O5 412.486 Show
64809347 InChIKey=PYMHIOSGBXFQPS-PXHHVBDSSA-N C19H24N2O 296.414 Show
64912433 InChIKey=ITUIUTXISVFYNN-WJPRGUJSSA-N C23H28N2O5 412.486 Show
65009090 InChIKey=LASSIAMIDDUFEO-SBNOTTFPSA-N C19H22N2 278.399 Show
65003081 InChIKey=MSXQQUONDXZPCI-FLFRMIROSA-N C21H22N2O4 366.417 Show
65003077 InChIKey=FNXBCZCMPCVOPU-BAYASTSTSA-N C21H24N2O3 352.434 Show
65177004 InChIKey=NHPAFJNFMXNFJE-STCFHKDGSA-N C22H24N2O4 380.444 Show
65177016 InChIKey=XKFJXNCXTUBNCB-IITKNETISA-N C33H38N2O9 606.672 Show
65177275 InChIKey=GYXKWMZZGGJDCD-QMUBFCDFSA-N C22H26N2O4 382.46 Show
65197675 InChIKey=NOKTUSVPNZHPFL-ICUSHYPNSA-N C21H22N2O3 350.418 Show