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Chemical category

(3'->5')-cyclic dinucleotide bis(phosphoromonothioate) analogues


Cyclic compounds consisting of two ribose moieties connected two 5',3'-phosphomonothioic acid O,O'-diester bonds to form a cycle. Each ribose unit is N-linked to a nucleic base or an analogue thereof.


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Below are a few examples of (3'->5')-cyclic dinucleotide bis(phosphoromonothioate) analogues found in the ClassyFire database.

Example Entities

ID Structure Formula Mass
8342327 InChIKey=PZIKOQPCCOWCSL-HHXFJFOWSA-N C18H24N6O10P2S2 610.49 Show
23943073 InChIKey=NMAYOSLNIXKZNZ-FFFPSMFXSA-P C20H30N12O12P2S2 756.6 Show
23943151 InChIKey=USAVOPRIZMDYSN-JHPDVMSXSA-N C20H24N10O12P2S2 722.54 Show
78564953 InChIKey=PZIKOQPCCOWCSL-UHFFFAOYSA-N C18H24N6O10P2S2 610.49 Show