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Chemical category

Phosphorothioate oligonucleotides


Oligonucleotides in which one of the non-bridging oxygens in each phosphodiester linkage has been replaced by sulfur.


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Below are a few examples of phosphorothioate oligonucleotides found in the ClassyFire database.

Example Entities

ID Structure Formula Mass
9066423 InChIKey=LVXOSINFRAJXOX-VSCPALFESA-N C43H49ClN14O15P2S2 1163.47 Show
9095871 InChIKey=SGTULYGOJBTMEJ-BENXJPEESA-N C46H49Cl2N13O15P2S2 1220.94 Show
9103710 InChIKey=BRNARZXOZHASLC-PPILHYLUSA-N C59H65Cl2N16O21P3S3 1594.26 Show
9134497 InChIKey=QOICCRMNKSHHLV-KKPAIZBHSA-N C41H50N14O16P2S2 1121.0 Show
9312679 InChIKey=CFMAWYXPTOOLPT-MPOLUYMFSA-N C48H59N18O19P3S3 1381.21 Show
9377387 InChIKey=SBMSRVXCOGJTOP-VKTQMRFWSA-N C53H65N18O21P3S3 1479.31 Show
18080445 InChIKey=ISYJKBQGCLQGBC-QSGKPSBQSA-N C62H65Cl3N15O21P3S3 1651.74 Show
53246556 InChIKey=WAAHMXSVKYZQOB-MPTJKEFESA-N C55H62Cl3N9O21P2S2 1417.56 Show
55035573 InChIKey=WAAHMXSVKYZQOB-DJTXKFDJSA-N C55H62Cl3N9O21P2S2 1417.56 Show
10195697 InChIKey=DYKFHCDTJRYGKI-ZIRPDTEQSA-N C51H60N12O19P2S2 1271.17 Show