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Chemical category

Fatty acyl glycosides of mono- and disaccharides


Compounds composed of a mono- or disaccharide moiety linked to one hydroxyl group of a fatty alcohol or of a phosphorylated alcohol (phosphoprenols), a hydroxy fatty acid or to one carboxyl group of a fatty acid (ester linkage) or to an amino alcohol.


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Below are a few examples of fatty acyl glycosides of mono- and disaccharides found in the ClassyFire database. You may browse the list of known fatty acyl glycosides of mono- and disaccharides by searching the collection using the text search box above.

Example Entities

ID Structure Formula Mass
8601998 InChIKey=NFZUKRONYNLPLD-MNEBSNEHSA-N C140H233NO57S 2874.41 Show
8838214 InChIKey=UJSFLHUNWKVTBB-RUHHJJIZSA-N C27H32O17 628.536 Show
8856720 InChIKey=MGXJYSXRSQYGFR-OORZZYDYSA-N C27H44O8 496.641 Show
8856735 InChIKey=BGBCMWYSPNAPRB-DRXVEOPRSA-N C27H44O8 496.641 Show
8879838 InChIKey=MGXJYSXRSQYGFR-RLVPGRTDSA-N C27H44O8 496.641 Show
8992953 InChIKey=BGBCMWYSPNAPRB-PCOBHVCZSA-N C27H44O8 496.641 Show
9006834 InChIKey=WEUIJOHZEVRLJQ-JKBZXDQKSA-N C14H26O8 322.354 Show
9124271 InChIKey=WEUIJOHZEVRLJQ-YYSQLIHVSA-N C14H26O8 322.354 Show
9221151 InChIKey=LBLGXNOZJGPKME-WRQGYJFISA-N C16H30O8 350.408 Show
9319358 InChIKey=WEUIJOHZEVRLJQ-RRUHINLFSA-N C14H26O8 322.354 Show
11290022 InChIKey=YVVQIKJCKWPOSA-JVYGEBFASA-N C28H56O7 504.749 Show
16530432 InChIKey=MWYIQPDFFSDIME-UHFFFAOYSA-N C12H24O11 344.313 Show
16747846 InChIKey=CGRJODRDDMSJEY-JLYUZDIVSA-M C140H232NNaO57S 2896.4 Show
16757112 InChIKey=CGRJODRDDMSJEY-BZHNFULTSA-M C140H232NNaO57S 2896.4 Show
23407531 InChIKey=LJDHDYWWZFOXAJ-FCLCVJBYSA-N C18H36O6 348.48 Show
23944726 InChIKey=INZNFJFAIGZSAO-MFAGYPPWSA-N C13H22O9 322.31 Show
23971202 InChIKey=INZNFJFAIGZSAO-QWRAYORZSA-N C13H22O9 322.31 Show
25777193 InChIKey=QCXGAVICWWSCJV-OHCPVGPPSA-N C50H98N2O9 871.339 Show
25777240 InChIKey=QCXGAVICWWSCJV-YIJGAFNFSA-N C50H98N2O9 871.339 Show
31390916 InChIKey=GFZAAVRPJUGYBN-BLTZLXKUSA-N C10H20O10 300.26 Show
31391509 InChIKey=MJUHNCDBJYQXDC-UHFFFAOYSA-N C11H20O11 328.27 Show
31719518 InChIKey=FIKZSLOBTKHTIU-ZIBUBQQJSA-N C13H24O7 292.328 Show
31738863 InChIKey=YGCZCYFIPNDIQZ-ZBELOFFLSA-N C14H25NO12 399.349 Show
31745345 InChIKey=USLWTEGWAOTROH-XMJPQAGGSA-N C21H32O10 444.477 Show