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NameChemOnt IDDescription
Jasmonic acidsCHEMONTID:0000512Lipids containing or derived from a jasmonic acid, with a structure characterized by the presence of an alkene chain linked to a 2-(3-oxocyclopentyl)acetic acid moiety.
Jatrophane and cyclojatrophane diterpenoidsCHEMONTID:0002877Diterpenoids with a structure based on the jatrophane or the 9,13-jatrophane skeleton. Jatrophane can be derived from casbane by 6,10-cyclization and opening of the cyclopropane. Cyclojatrophane diterpenoids are based on the 9,13-cyclization of the jatrophane skeleton yields the 9,13-cyclojatrophane skeleton.
Jatropholane and crotopholane diterpenoidsCHEMONTID:0003546Diterpenoids with a structure based either on the jatropholane or the crotopholane skeleton. Jatropholanes arise by 5,13- and 6,10-cyclisation of a casbane precursor. Subsequent cleavage of the 2,15-cyclopropane bond affords crotofolane.
Jerveratrum-type alkaloidsCHEMONTID:0002728Steroidal alkaloids with a structure that is based on the jervane ring system. Jerveratrum alkaloids have alkamines with 1-3 oxygen atoms, and occur as such or as monoglycosides.