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NameChemOnt IDDescription
KainoidsCHEMONTID:0001801Non-proteigenous amino acids with a structure characterized by the presence of a pyrrolidine ring bearing two dicarboxylic acid groups.
Kalmanes and 1,5-seco-kalmanesCHEMONTID:0004142Grayanoids containing a B-homo-C-nor grayanane skeleton or a 1,5-derivative thereof.
Kaurane diterpenoidsCHEMONTID:0003782Diterpene alkaloids with a structure that is based on the kaurane skeleton. Kaurane is a tetracyclic compound that arises by cyclisation of a pimarane precursor followed by rearrangement. It possesses a [3,2,1]-bicyclic ring system with C15-C16 bridge connected to C13, forming the five-membered ring D.
KavalactonesCHEMONTID:0001761Lactones, which is structurally characterized by a benzene ring and a pyranone moiety, linked to each other to form a 4-methoxy-6-(2-phenylethyl)-2H-pyran-2-one skeleton.
KetalsCHEMONTID:0004472Acetals derived from ketones by replacement of the oxo group by two hydrocarbyloxy groups R2C(OR)2 ( R not Hydrogen ). This term, once abandoned, has been reinstated as a subclass of acetals.
KetazinesCHEMONTID:0002235Azines of ketones containing a moiety with the formula R2C=NN=CR2.
Ketene acetalsCHEMONTID:0001168Organic compounds comprising the ketene acetal functional group, with the general structure XC(Y)=C(R3)R4 (R1,R2=H, alkyl, aryl; X,Y=any hetero atom).
Ketene silyl acetalsCHEMONTID:0003895Organosilicon compounds with the general structure OC(O[Si])=CR, where R = H or organyl group.
KetenesCHEMONTID:0000388Organic compounds in which a carbonyl group is connected by a double bond to an alkylidene group R2C=C=O.
KetiminesCHEMONTID:0001673Organic compounds bearing the ketimine functional group, with the general structure R2C=NR' ( R is not a hydrogen ).
Keto acids and derivativesCHEMONTID:0000389Organic compounds containing a ketone group and a carboxylic acid group.
Keto fatty acidsCHEMONTID:0000409Fatty acids containing a ketone group attached to the acyl chain.
KetonesCHEMONTID:0000118Organic compounds in which a carbonyl group is bonded to two carbon atoms R2C=O (neither R may be a hydrogen atom). Ketones that have one or more alpha-hydrogen atoms undergo keto-enol tautomerization, the tautomer being an enol.
Ketoxime carbamatesCHEMONTID:0004754Oxime ether derivatives with the general formula CC(R)=NOC(=O)N(R')R\", where R=organyl, and R',R\" = H or organyl.
KetoximesCHEMONTID:0003079Organic compounds with the general formula RC(R')=NOH (R,R' = organyl).
Kopsane alkaloidsCHEMONTID:0003765A group of compounds with a structure based on the heptacyclic kopsane skeleton, formed by attachment of C-22 (the methoxycarbonyl carbon) of Venalstonine to C-6.