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NameChemOnt IDDescription
Ranaconitine-type diterpenoid alkaloidsCHEMONTID:0003790C18-bisnorditerpenoid alkaloids with a structure based on the heptacyclic lycoctonine skeleton. Lappaconitine similar to aconitane, with the difference that the former lacks a carbon atom at the 18-position.
ResorcinolsCHEMONTID:0000137Compounds containing a resorcinol moiety, which is a benzene ring bearing two hydroxyl groups at positions 1 and 3.
Retinoid estersCHEMONTID:0001575Ester derivatives of retinoic acid. These are obtained by formal condensation of the hydroxy group of retinol with the carboxy group of any carboxylic acid.
RetinoidsCHEMONTID:0001606Oxygenated derivatives of 3,7-dimethyl-1-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohex-1-enyl)nona-1,3,5,7-tetraene and derivatives thereof.
Retro-dihydrochalconesCHEMONTID:0003475A form of normal dihydrochalcones that are structurally distinguished by the lack of oxygen functionalities at the C2'- and C6'-positions.
RetrochalconesCHEMONTID:0003474A form of normal chalcones that are structurally distinguished by the lack of oxygen functionalities at the C2'- and C6'-positions.
Rhamnofolane and daphnane diterpenoidsCHEMONTID:0003494Diterpenoids with a structure based on one the rhamnofolane or daphnane skeleton. The rhamnofolane and daphnane skeletons are closely related, being formally derived from casbane by two cyclizations (6,10 and 5,14) followed by cleavage of the 1,15 (daphnane) or 2,15 (rhamnofolane) cyclopropane bonds.
RhamnolipidsCHEMONTID:0001765Glycolipids structurally characterized by a glycosyl head group, in this case a rhamnose moiety, and a 3-(hydroxyalkanoyloxy)alkanoic acid (HAA) fatty acid tail.
Rhazinilam alkaloidsCHEMONTID:0002758Alkaloids with a structure based on the rhazinilam skeleton, a tetracyclic compound with a complex tetracyclic carbon skeleton containing pyrrole ring embedded in its indolizine core.
Rhoeadine alkaloidsCHEMONTID:0002658Alkaloids with a structure based on rhoeadine. They usually contain a benzazepine system fused with a six-membered hemiacetal or acetal.
Ribonucleoside 3'-phosphatesCHEMONTID:0004404Ribonucleosides that contain a phosphate group attached to the C-3 carbon of the ribose or deoxyribose moiety. The nucleobases here are limited to purine, pyrimidine, and pyridine derivatives.
Ribonucleoside phosphoramiditesCHEMONTID:0004364Ribonucleoside analogues that consist of a nucleobase (usually purine or pyrimidine), linked to a ribose or deoxyribose, which is protected at the 2',3', or 5'-position by a phosphoramidite group.
Rotenoid O-glycosidesCHEMONTID:0001741Compounds containing a carbohydrate moiety glycosidically linked to the rotenoid backbone at the C8-position.
RotenoidsCHEMONTID:0001607Phenolic compounds containing a cis-fused tetrahydrochromeno[3,4-b]chromene nucleus. Many rotenoids contain an additional ring, e.g. rotenone. They are isoflavonoids characterized by the presence of an extra carbon atom in an additional heterocyclic ring.
RotenonesCHEMONTID:0003528Rotenoids with a structure based on a 6a,12a-dihydrochromeno[3,4-b]chromen-12(6H)-one skeleton.
Rotundane sesquiterpenoidsCHEMONTID:0003563Sesquiterpenoids with a structure based on the rotundane skeleton, which arise by a C10-C12 cyclization of bicyclic guaiane skeleton.