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NameChemOnt IDDescription
XanthanolidesCHEMONTID:0000502Sesquiterpenoids with a structure based on the xanthanolide skeleton consistsing of a cycloheptane ring usually attached to a four-carbon chain (at carbon 1 ) and a methyl group (at carbon 10), and fused to a five-member lactone ring (sharing carbons 7 and 8). The lactone ring can be conjugated with a methyl or methylene group at position 11.
XanthenesCHEMONTID:0000200Polycyclic aromatic compounds containing a xanthene moiety, which consists of two benzene rings joined to each other by a pyran ring.
XanthinesCHEMONTID:0000247Purine derivatives with a ketone group conjugated at carbons 2 and 6 of the purine moiety.
XanthonesCHEMONTID:0000204Polycyclic aromatic compounds containing a xanthene moiety conjugated to a ketone group at carbon 9. Xanthene is a tricyclic compound made up of two benzene rings linearly fused to each other through a pyran ring.
XanthophyllsCHEMONTID:0001410Carotenoids containing an oxygenated carotene backbone. Carotenes are characterized by the presence of two end-groups (mostly cyclohexene rings, but also cyclopentene rings or acyclic groups) linked by a long branched alkyl chain. Carotenes belonging form a subgroup of the carotenoids family. Xanthophylls arise by oxygenation of the carotene backbone.
Xeniaphyllane and xenicane diterpenoidsCHEMONTID:0002879Diterpenoids with a structure based either on the xeniaphyllane or the xenicane skeleton.
XylenesCHEMONTID:0004208Aromatic compounds that contain a xylene moiety, which is a monocyclic benzene carrying exactly two methyl groups.
XylenolsCHEMONTID:0004212Aromatic compounds that contain a xylene moiety, which is a monocyclic benzene carrying exactly two methyl groups, and at least one hydroxyl group.