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NameChemOnt IDDescription
YnalsCHEMONTID:0002437An alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehyde of general formula RC#C-CH=O in which the aldehydic C=O function is conjugated to a C#C triple bond at the alpha,beta position.
YnaminesCHEMONTID:0001210N,N-Disubstituted alk-1-yn-1-amines RC≡CNR2.
Ynoate estersCHEMONTID:0003627An alpha,beta-unsaturated carboxylic ester of general formula R1C#CC(=O)OR2 (R2= organyl compound) in which the ester C=O function is conjugated to a C#C double bond at the alpha,beta position.
YnolatesCHEMONTID:0003279Organooxygen compounds with the general formula R=C=O (R = organyl).
YnolsCHEMONTID:0002465Organooxygen compounds with the general formula R#CO (R = organyl).
YnonesCHEMONTID:0001373Organic compounds containing the ynone functional group, an alpha,beta unsaturated ketone group with the general structure RC#C-C(=O)R' (R' not H).
Yohimbine alkaloidsCHEMONTID:0001786Alkaloids containing the pentacyclic yohimban skeleton. The Yohimbinoid alkaloids contain a carbocyclic ring E arising through C-17 to C-18 bond formation in a corynantheine precursor.
Yuzurimine-type alkaloidsCHEMONTID:0004326Alkaloids (or derivatives thereof) from the genus Daphniphyllum that contain a 22 carbon core, commonly with a C9-C10 double bond, and C-22 is mostly a methyl ester of a carboxyl group.